Friday, May 1, 2015

Morning Paintings #61-70

Still going strong with my morning paintings. Still enjoying it too!

Recently I'm noticing that they actually help me get up earlier. It's like a little treat or reward. Get up early and then you may paint before you have to do anything else. Trust me, nobody is more surprised than me that I've been keeping this up for over three months already (as I write this I'm well on my way to painting #100!).

Anyway, here are paintings #61 to #70.

#61 - Dot dot dot...

#62 - Dashing

#63 - Dashing Rainbow Circle

#64 - Happy Easter

#65 - Mail Order Catalogue Girl

#66 - Mail Order Catalogue Girl

#67 - Mail Order Catalogue Girl

#68 - Drops in Yellow Orange Read and Magenta

#69 - Scales

#70 - A Colourful Birthday

All except #70 were done in gouache. #70 was done in watercolour, because I was staying at a hotel and watercolour is easier to use on the go with a waterbrush.

I find it interesting how sometimes I feel like patterns and sometimes I feel like abstracts and then sometimes I want to paint portraits or something really elaborate. My mood changes again and again. I like how I'm not putting any demands on myself with these pages. It's all about filling the page.

Hope you liked this peek at yet another batch of morning paintings and I wish you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!