Wednesday, May 20, 2015

From the Canson Book (the journal)

I really haven't shown you very much of my journal lately. It's not that I'm not journaling, it's just that I'm not doing a lot of decorative stuff to it and most pages are just writing with an image here and there like a postcard I like or some stickers or ephemera.

I also have been pasting in a lot of photographs, but they are photographs that I already showed on the blog, so nothing new there.
I did do the odd sketch and drawing or doodling and a little collage, but not much.

Anyway, the Canson Book (my current journal) is in full use and pretty full already, but I have not deemed most of it very interesting for you to look at. Still, I believe that is in itself interesting too. I think it's important to show real life journals and not those that are fit for a magazine or a book. A journal is supposed to be an instrument of reflection and expression and if it's doing that for you it really doesn't matter what it looks like.

So for the sake of 'keeping it real', here is a selection of some spreads of the Canson book from the last few months.

About 75% of the journal looks like the first three spreads. Writing and some imagery or ephemera without any further decoration. The sketching and painting happens very very rarely. I cannot emphasise that enough, haha.

Keep your journal in a way that works for you. Don't be blinded by all the amazing stuff people are showing on the internet. Blogs, magazines and books have a way of warping the truth and making you think that all worth while journals are art books with exceptional art page after page.

A journal is amazing because it is a reflection of you and your life story. It serves its purpose if you feel you can put yourself on the page in whatever form that is working for you. For me that means a lot of writing, for you it might mean a lot of doodling. It's all good.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day, with or without your journal. ;-)