Friday, October 31, 2014

Back on the blog! Let the Amsterdam slideshow begin!

Whew! It's been a rough couple of weeks. That Amsterdam virus (a big cold, or maybe it was the flu?, mixed with bronchitis) was a nasty one. It took me about two weeks to beat it and even now I'm still a bit shaken by it in the sense that I get tired very fast and still sometimes go into a coughing fit out of nowhere.

But...I feel so much better! And most of all I feel so much more like doing things. You can tell how I'm really sick by the fact that I don't even enjoy reading anymore. I suppose only a book lover like myself can understand the seriousness of that, haha. But since last weekend I'm really back to enjoying things again and I have gone back to work this week and also back to the studio, so things are definitely looking up. Yay!

But remember how before I got sick I went on vacation? Amsterdam, that's right. I was only there for a few days, but they were good days and I still owe you a bit of a slideshow, so that's what we'll be doing in the next few posts: I'm taking you to Amsterdam with me! Better late than never, right?

I couldn't afford a long stay, but I made up for that by picking one funky appartment! It was located north of the city center in a quiet neighbourhood and the owner was kind enought to help me get my luggage to the place and back to the train station by giving me a ride. That's good service, right?

For the rest of the stay I took the nearby bus to go into the city proper. When you live where I live a short bus ride is nothing. On this island everything is at least an hour and a half away by ferry. ;-)

Anyway, the apartment was cool and colourful. When I posted these pictures on Facebook several people let me know it was perfect for me, and I guess they were right. I do like colours and I do like things that make me laugh and this place was full of both.

Things like lamps made out of motor helmets and a big fake rhinoceros head on the wall. It wasn't really how I would do my own place, but I always feel a lot of sympathy for places that have character and personality.

In the next couple of  posts I'll give you an impression of my visit to the city itself and I hope you will enjoy the trip with me!

For now I wish you all a wonderful and artsy weekend's so good to be back!

A big thank you to you all for your good wishes both here and through other media, it really means a lot to me.