Sunday, September 7, 2014

Walking sketches

It happens way too rarely that I will actually sit down and sketch during one of my walks. I take tons of photographs, but sketching always seems like just too much work to do while on the road.

These are piles of poles and planks to be used for the festival called Into The Great Wide Open.

I have a great admiration for urban sketchers and nature sketchers. You know, people who actually go out and about to draw and paint. I do draw and paint, but I always prefer the comfort of my own home to do it. I'm not uncomfortable with people seeing me or something, but I am uncomfortable for the sheer fact that I don't have a table to work on and put my stuff. I'm a luxury sketcher. ;-)

A little view from the dyke along the Wadden Sea. Those things in the field are horses by the way.

However recently I was inspired by the urban sketchers blog and last weekend during two of my walks I actually sat down and sketched. I brought a little sketchbook and my tiny watercolour box plus a waterbrush and a drawing pen. And it was...well...doable, haha.

Scene from a road through the dunes. Um...not so good with perspective, but I like the colours.

Now I realize that these aren't great sketches, but that is not the point. The point is that I did it. I took the time to do them and now I have a self made visual memory of some scenes I came across on my walks. I would really like to do more outdoorsy sketching. I don't care if the sketches are wonky, I just want to make more of a habit of it. Let's keep our fingers crossed I can make it work somehow.

Wishing you all a wonderful and sketchy day! ;-)