Tuesday, April 8, 2014

MJ's 32nd Book (International Fake Journal Month)

April is International Fake Journal Month and this year I'm participating for the first time. I'm working in an altered book and pretending to be MJ Wilkins. You can read all about her here.

This month I will show you the spreads in this journal as I'm working on it. Because I work rather randomly in the book not all shown spreads are finished, so you may see certain spreads again later this month.

I'm calling the book MJ's 32nd Book, because that is what it is. It's the 32nd book that my character MJ is filling, so she's an experienced visual journaler! ;-) Hope you enjoy this look into her process!

MJ does not always work directly in the journal. She does a lot of drawing and patterning in a carry on sketchpad. She then later pastes these drawings into the journal. Here are some of the drawings that still need to go into the book:

What I love about her is that she doesn't give a crap about whether something is worth showing or not. I mean really, see how hideous that tree painting is? I love that! ;-)

This is the work I did in the past week. I will try to post more during the process of filling this journal so you can see how some of the pages develop over time. The goal is not to fill the book or even to have finished spreads. The goal is to do the work. The end.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!