Monday, November 11, 2013

My first gelli plate experiments

Well, I finally got myself a gelli plate! After printing with just a sheet of acetate I got really curious about this product and wanted to see if I liked it, so I splurged on a medium sized plate. And well, yes, I do like it a lot! The plate is much more pleasant to work with. Everything prints a bit clearer and more controlled. The surface of the plate is really nice. It 'gives' more than an acetate sheet, think very sturdy gelatine instead of hard plastic.

Anyway here are my first experiments:

I just played around with the same techniques I used for the acetate prints. You can read about those here. I really like some of the results and I really like how you can take a print first and then make a ghost print with the remains of your first print. I'm not sure if the results are better than the ones I did with the acetate sheet, but the way of working is more agreeable for me. Still, if you can't afford a gelli plate or can't get one, an acetate sheet or other flat non porous surface will get you far.

Now I've done my first rather random experiments I want to try more deliberate monoprinting and go for specific effects. But that's for another time and I'll keep you posted. For now I have some new pretty papers and those are always welcome in  my house!

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy week.