Thursday, March 28, 2019

Morning Art

Making morning art is one of the continuing good practices of my artsy life. Every morning for one half hour before anything else happens and life takes over I get to draw in my squared notebook/sketchbook and slowly, very slowly fill page after page with colours and shapes. The pleasure of it is the only reason I can keep it up, because getting up early for it is something that gives me no pleasure at all!

Here's a few spreads from this sketchbook:

These spreads take a long time to finish. My personal record is 19 half hour morning sessions for one spread! That's almost three weeks! That spread will be in a next morning art post, but my point is that this is slow art and meditation.

I have been in this sketchbook since October and have filled about thirty two pages in that time (sixteen spreads). I do skip a day here and there, but not many. So if you are very result oriented and restless, this might not be the art form for you, haha. For me it is the ultimate relaxation before the day starts, so I love it.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my morning art sketchbook and I wish you all a wonderful and artsy day.