Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Colourful Collages

Of all the artsy stuff I like to do my biggest love over the past years has no doubt been drawing and painting patterns. In fact I love it so much that all the other stuff doesn't get done nearly as much as I would love to, simply because there's only so many hours in the day and also, someone needs to bring home a paycheck, and when you live alone that someone is always you. Someone should really invent a way around this. ;-)

But I have a truckload of sketchbooks devoted to other types of art than just patterns and every now and then I actually dust them off and work in them.

One such book is a colourful 20x20 cm (8x8 inches) scrapbook I bought at Paperchase many moons ago in which I do collage. Recently I sat down with this book again and did four collages in two sittings. Here's the result:

The black and white ones were quite a challenge for someone who likes colour as much as me. As you can see I didn't even fully manage to keep them black and white, a little beige was added here and there.

All these are mixed media, with  materials ranging from coloured pencil and paint markers to magazine clippings and washi tape and I even used some stencils on these. I love the mixing and matching of different imagery and materials to achieve a layout that I find pleasing to the eye. There's no rhyme or reason tot this. I don't plan out my collages, they just kind of happen organically. If I planned them they just wouldn't work for me. We all have our own process I  guess, and for me the process is usually 'well, now I did this, what do I do next?' until I feel I'm done. ;-)

I hope you liked this peek into my collage book and wish you all a wonderfull and artsy day. 


  1. I love your collages. So fun...the experimental aspect never grows old for me.

  2. Wat leuk om ook weer eens ander werk van je te zien... ik vind je collages heel geslaagd! Lekker is dat hè, 'zomaar' wat dingen knippen, scheuren en plakken zonder er al te veel over na te denken... ik heb het zo nu en dan echt nodig om 'uit mijn hoofd los te komen.'Heb nog een fijne week Carin, nog even en dan is het weer weekend en kun je lekker al je uren zelf invullen! Geniet ervan!

    1. Dank je wel. Ja collage is echt lekker om te doen, maar eigenlijk vind ik dat van alle creadingen die ik doe. Zoveel ideeën zo weinig tijd, haha.

  3. I like them all but mostly the first ones (yep, with the color! lol)

    Oh ... guess what?!! I have "finally" started trying to do a grid pattern like you do and in fact, I hope you don't mind but I picked one out that you had done and am following it for now until I think I can maybe make patterns on my own. Not to worry though, there would be no way a person would not be able to tell them a part because yours is professional level and mine is clearly on the beginner level (but I will get better eventually!)

    I'm using an X Large dotted Moleskine that I had here and too, I had been waiting to buy a set of markers to use with the grids but then got thinking, okay - I have a zillion colored pencils here, so why don't I just try the grids with those and make sure that I even like doing them before I spend more money in buying markers, ya know? So, that's what I did.

    At first I thought, oh man - the colors didn't come out very brilliant or stand out like the markers would and was kind of disappointed but ya know what? Once I did the little dashes around the boxes with my black Sharpie pen? They looked totally different and so I'll continue using the pencils (for now anyways!) I found this relaxing to do and can't wait to see it when I get the whole page done!

    I'm thinking that you probably wait until the entire page is done before you use the black marker to outline, am I right? When I only had some done, I did the markers and somehow when I went to color on them again not long after, I ended up smearing a little bit of the Sharpie marker. Still - thank you for your pictures and inspiration - I can see that this is going to be a lot of fun!

    1. Ooh, that sounds fabulous! I would love to see what you make, so if you feel like it send me a pic (no pressure). Different media have a different effect, coloured pencil is softer and more transluscent. When I do patterns in watercolour they are very different from the ones I do in felt tip pens or markers. In fact I have been wanting to try coloured pencil and also pastel, but just haven't gotten around to it. Another idea I have is to make patterns with pretty papers. We'll see how that goes.
      When I do outlines I actually do them beforehand, but you need to use a waterproof pen, for instance a pigment liner or drawing pen. Pigma microns (by sakura) are good and so are staedtlers or copic liners (not the copic markers, those are alcohol based and will bleed through your entire book. ;-) )
      If going over the lines with a felt tip pen smears your lines it probably means your pen is not waterproof. In that case doing the lines afterwards is indeed the smart way to go. You could do an outline in pencil first if that helps you colour in the page better. I find that soft pencil lines pretty much disappear when I go over them with colour.
      Hope this helps and that you keep enjoying the process. Good luck.

  4. Ze zijn weer super geslaagd , het is inderdaad eens iets anders collages , ik vind het zelf ook leuk je kan er zo in verdwijnen.


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