Monday, August 20, 2018

Pattern Drawings

The time of my absence was a rather warm one, so I didn't spend much time in my studio. It's not like I never went there, but it was minimal. I mostly did my drawing and colouring on the couch, so I did a bunch of pattern drawings in my Moleskine XL Squared notebook to pass many a pleasant time.

Here's a bunch of those drawings finished up:

I absolutely love doing these, even if they are incredibly time consuming and I never know how they will turn out when I start them.

I have been experimenting with doing drawings like thise without the black dashed outlines that have become a bit of a staple in my own work. So the last two were set up in pencil instead of drawing pen. I like the result.

As always these types of drawings are meditative and calming and a very good remedy for my ever racing thoughts. Plus they give me the time to listen to my favorite podcasts, so there's that. :-)

Hope you enjoyed this peek in my sketchbook and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.