Friday, August 24, 2018

Another Zelhem Vacation

On average twice a year I get to stay a week in my sisters house in Zelhem (which is in the East of the Netherlands) while she and her husband are on vacation. Sometimes I take care of her dog, sometimes I just house sit. Not that the house needs it, but I do!

Last June I got to go there for a glorious week and had her dog for company. It was a very quiet and peaceful vacation, with mostly lots of walks and lots of reading. Here's a little photographic impression of that week.

The journal supplies I took with me. 

Announcing my vacation in my journal.

First long walk.

My little foster dog Jinte, she's as adorable as she looks. 

Second long walk.

Jinte pretending she's a meerkat.

Third long walk plus a bike ride.

Fourth long walk.

A lot of time was spent like this. Me reading and Jinte sleeping in sisters patio.

Fifth long walk. Jinte must have walked (run!) at least five times as far as me. 

Sixth long walk.

The weather varied from pleasantly warm to very warm and it was quite humid and cloudy sometimes, but at least it was not too warm to go out and about. Jinte had the time of her life coming with me every day for a long extensive stroll. Especially when she was allowed to run free, which she did. A lot.

And of course the landscape there is absolutely beautiful and was very green still back then. All in all I had a lovely time.

Lucky for me in October I get to go there again. This time there will be no dog and I get to explore a little further out into new places. I already bought some walking maps to prepare myself. Can't wait!

Hope you are exploring and enjoying wherever you are and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.