Friday, October 20, 2017

Vacation, the short version (yes that means there are slideshows coming up)

Hello my blogsy people! It feels ages ago that I spoke to you on this here blog, but I'm pretty sure it was only a few weeks. In that time I have had plenty to do, but the most important thing of course was my vacation to the east of the Netherlands to house-sit for my sister and to go out and about and take photographs.

Now in June, when I visited my sisters house as well, I did not really do a lot of photography or day trips, because 1) I had to watch her dog and 2) it was uncomfortably hot outside. This vacation was the complete opposite of that one! They took their cute dog with them, the weather was a lot cooler, and I pretty much went on a little adventure every day and for most of them I took my camera with me.

So all of you who hate my photography posts: be warned! After this post there will be five more with only 'vacation slides' so if you come here for the artsy stuff, just stay away for another week or two and I will get back to that. For the rest of you, sit tight, there will be a lot of pictures in the coming two weeks!

I wanted to start today with a little overview of my week in and around Zelhem, which is the town my sister lives in. At the end of each day I posted a little photo-collage on Facebook and Instagram to give an impression and show the highlights to those who might be interested and also for myself, because I always like using those wrap ups in my journal.

So here's a quick and easy overview of my vacation:

My vacation residence aka sister's house. Five stars!

First day - A trip to Burgers' Zoo in the city of Arnhem

Second day - Biking and walking around Slangenburg Castle.

Third day - A day in Rotterdam with my good friend Monique.

Fourth day - A shopping trip to the city of Zutphen.

Fifth day - Lots of relaxing plus a walk around the neighbourhood in Zelhem.

Sixth day - Ruurlo Castle, a beautiful estate and a museum for modern realism.

Seventh day - Biking and walking around Hackfort Castle.

As you can already see there were many beautiful things to spot and take pictures of and the landscape is just stunning. The coming posts will show you some of that from five separate trips I took that week. Only the trip to Rotterdam and the trip to Zutphen I did not bring my camera, mostly because it just wasn't practical. But the other five days will more than make up for that, so I hope you will enjoy the coming posts.

For now it is simply good to be back on the blog and I thank you for your patience and wish you a wonderful and artsy weekend!