Thursday, October 26, 2017

Vacation, the long version - Part two of five - Slangenburg Castle

On my second vacation day I stayed a bit closer to home and biked between Zelhem (where I was staying) and Doetinchem (the nearest city). Of course I took the scenic route. Between the two places is only a few kilometers, but I managed to bike about 25 that day. I mostly did that so I could visit and walk Slangenburg Estate. Slangenburg is a castle close to Doetinchem and the area around it is as stunning as the place itself. I went on two shorter walks and took a  break in between in the former carriage house of the castle, which is now a lovely lunch room and restaurant.

Here's an impression of that beautiful day:

What I like most about the surroundings of the castle are the many many very straight lanes. They make for fascinating images and I took dozens of pictures of them, I could have filled a whole separate post with them!

The castle itself is a place where you can stay overnight for a personal retreat. The rooms are beautifully done in style. I have stayed there a couple of times in the past and have fond memories of that.

Well, I hope you enjoyed walking around there with me and will see you on our next trip! Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.