Monday, October 23, 2017

Vacation, the long version - Part one of five - A trip to the zoo

On my very first vacation day I went to city of Arnhem to visit the beautiful Burgers' Zoo there. I'm always a bit ambiguous about zoos in general, but they do give a person who does not have the ability to travel the word a way to take pictures of animals outside her own country.

So here is a photographic impression of a day walking Burgers' Zoo.

Yea, this is not a zoo animal, just a bird that really wanted me to share my lunch. ;-)

I think it's obvious from these pictures that the time that a modern zoo kept animals in tiny cages is pretty much done with, at least in my country. More and more they are at least attempting to give the animals a bit of their natural habitat. Of course it's not a substitute for living freely, but it's definitely an improvement from the past.

It was really cool by the way to be able to photograph a tiger up close! There was glass between us, so no worries, but it still was exciting!

I hope you enjoyed walking the zoo with me and look forward to share my next day trip with you. Until then have a wonderful and artsy time!