Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The next morning project (a step by step)

So I finished my last morning art project a few weeks ago. I filled a book with portraits and I enjoyed it very much. The nice thing about doing those portraits was that it was a pretty fast way to fill a page. I could draw one of those ladies in about 15 to 20 minutes, so every morning I did my art I filled a whole page in my sketchbook.

With that in mind my next morning project is extra daunting. You see, I have decided to fill a watercolour sketchbook with watercolour mosaics. If you have been on this blog for a while you may have seen some of my mosaics in older posts, but I have never really filled a sketchbook just with them. They are, shall we say...a little time consuming?

I do my morning art only 30 minutes every morning and so far the ones I have done (only two) have taken me eight sessions a piece! The book I am using is an A4 Seawhite of Brighton watercolour sketchbook and it has 35 pages. So with a little calculating that means filling this book will take me over 40 weeks! Probably a lot more, since I skip vacations as a rule and sometimes have to skip a day for practical reasons like travel or work.

That being said the actual doing of these mosaics is incredibly relaxing. It's basically drawing little shapes and colouring them in, pretty much the thing I love about all my patterns. So the project may take forever, but at least I'll be very zen every morning, haha.

I thought it might be interesting to show you the process of one of these paintings today, so you can see how such a page comes about and why the hell it takes so long.

Here's a step by step of the second mosaic I did:

That black blob on the right is my cat Spooky who likes to  join me sometimes. :-)

Each picture represents half an hour of work. I draw the mosaic out with a ruler and mechanical pencil and then do each colour seperately. It's a bit of an experiment to see how things turn out, but mostly it's jus a very meditative practice that I enjoy doing.

I will be sure to share some more pages from this sketchbook when I have finished them, but, as you may have guessed by now, the updates of my morning art project will be bit less frequent than before.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my process and wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.


  1. I'm super-impressed that you did it with paint! You have such good control! (If I attempted this sort of thing all the edges would be lumpy and sad.) Really pretty!
    (And I love that little bit of Spooky in one of the photos! :-)

    1. If you were to look really closely you would see I'm far from perfect, but it is good practice for brush control. :-)

  2. I would have a hard time with using paint. Even when I do creative pencil coloring, I have to use an eraser at times. It is going to be so nice to see what you achieve.

    1. I find working with a small brush this way incredibly satisfying for some reason as I do all colouring. I am very curious myself as to how I will fill this book.

  3. This is what the practice of patience looks like. And this the beautiful and enriching reward. Thank you for sharing this - it is so encouraging!

    1. Thank you. I am really not a patient person by nature, but when drawing patterns and doodles I turn into some kind of zen master. ;-)


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