Friday, September 22, 2017

Grid drawings

The love of grids continues and will never ever ever stop. Not that I would ever want it to.

Here are some drawings I did in the last few weeks in my Moleskine XL Squared book.

Most of these were done spread out over many nights. They take hours from start to finish and I can never finish one in just one sitting.  I like to take an hour or so before bedtime and unwind with a bit of colouring and drawing while listening to podcasts. It helps quiet my chaotic mind (at least a little).

Hope you have some art to help you unwind in busy times and wishing you a wonderful and artsy weekend.


  1. Jou blog is vir my (besige kop) 'n kalm plek - veilig, kleurvol, inspirerend...

  2. Thanks for the reminder of how helpful art is in desling with all thise thoughts. I love how in the fourth drawing, the trisngles pointing alternately up and down create the illusion of a wavy line going across the page, even though it is perfectly straight. Lovely! And a good reminder that my first impressions can be charming, plausible and innacurate...

    1. I hadn't even noticed the wavy effect, but now I can't unsee it. Interesting. :-)


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