Monday, August 7, 2017

The B6 journal continued ... and stopped

A while ago I showed you the traveler's notebook journal I was working on in B6 size. You can see that post here. 

As I told you then, I had purchased three B6 notebooks to use as inserts for the cover and I was not too pleased with the quality of the paper. After I finished the first insert I did complete the second, but it was a real struggle. I'm not even sure if it was just the paper, or the size (even though I actually love the size when I look at it) or just a case of the right book at the wrong time.

Don't get me wrong. The TN itself was and is absolutely stunning, but somehow the inserts and the journaling just were not working for me and it made me restless. So after a lot of back and forth in my mind (and in writing) I decided to abandon the book after I filled the second insert. That way I would simply have two B6 notebooks filled and I can use the third one maybe as a travel journal or regular notebook in the future.

So today I thought I would show you a selection of spreads from this second finished insert/notebook. I guess when you look at it you can't really tell I had so much trouble with it, but if you're Dutch and read some of the writing you will know I complain about it a lot. ;-)

I swear sometimes there's just no rhyme or reason as to why some journals work for you and others don't. Since I finished the B6 I have moved on to another journal that I absolutely love even though I can find things wrong with that one as well. But I just can't stay away from it and that's what matters. My journal needs to be a place I love to spend time in, not a place I dread to visit.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: if a certain book or format doesn't work for you feel free to quit prematurely and find something else to try. You may just be dealing with a not so perfect match. Don't immediately use it as an excuse to stop journaling altogether, you might be missing out on a wonderful experience. Unless of course you hate journaling in general, then you should just stay away from it, haha.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!