Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas cards

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas out there (and in here too). I'm still one of those old fashioned people who sends Christmas cards (it seems fewer and fewer people still do that), but it had been a while that I actually made some.

This year however I actually felt like making a few. Only a few mind you, just for fun, not to supply everyone with a Christmas card. In fact I only made twelve. Apparently I'm not a card making machine.

Here they are:

I think they are quite cute and they will go to my closest family and friends and maybe one or two people that I know are really into handmade cards. The rest will get (also very cute) store bought cards.

Maybe next year I should start making these cards in June or something so I actually have enough to send to everybody. ;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day. 


  1. Wat een mooie kaarten, ja er is wel wat werk aan . Ik stuur ook nog steeds kaarten uit maar ben idd ook nog één van de weinige , ook zeg ik ieder jaar dat ik de klus van het ontwerp en het versturen vlugger ga klaren maar weer ben daar niet in geslaagd en dus nog volop bezig .

    1. Ik denk er over om volgend jaar gewoon één of twee ontwerpen te maken en die dan te scannen en drukken. Minder werk en toch origineel.

  2. Beautiful cards - I sure they will be treasured. Merry Merry to you

    1. Thank you Lynette, happy holidays to you too! :-)


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