Monday, October 26, 2015

Morning Paintings #211-220

Time for another batch of my Morning Paintings. I am still enjoying them very much!

#211 - Abstract Nonsense

#212 - Forever

#213 - Strength

#214 - Warm Dashes

#215 - Flower

#216 - Bouquet (done on the ferry)

#217 - Beach Pavillion Schiermonnikoog

#218 - Lighthouse Schiermonnikoog

#219 - Landscape Schiermonnikoog

#220 - One, Two, Three Flowers

Paintings no. 217, 218 and 219 I made on my weekend getaway to Schiermonnikoog. I so rarely paint realistic things. This is one thing I have learned from my morning painting practice, that I way more enjoy making stuff up or just doing patterns and such than painting from life.

No. 215 and 220 were the start of a whole series of flower paintings in a similar style as you will see when I post my next set of morning paintings.That is also a cool part of doing this, sometimes a series or a theme will emerge and you can just go with it or get back to it when you feel like it.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. Weeral mooi , ik hou van de spontaniteit die deze werken uitstralen juist omdat je doet wat je graag doet en dat zie je !

  2. Some of your latest morning paintings that reminded me of quilting or embroidery just gave me the nuttiest idea - to try at some point to do "morning sewing" and make small images with sewing. Because I see sometimes you do the simplest patterns, and other times, you do fancier ones... perhaps I'll figure out a way to make an altered book where the pages or parts of them can be fabric... oh you are such an inspiration!! Thank you!

    1. Ooh Judith, that sounds lovely, I hope you make it happen. Please do share if you do.

  3. Ik vind vooral je realistische werken mooi Caatje!

    1. Dank je wel. Ik wou dat ik ze grager dééd, haha!


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