Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mail Art for my Snail Mail Listers

So I sent out a new batch of cards to my Snail Mail Listers. You know: the people I have on a list who would like to receive a random bit of art mail from me with no strings attached. They have to be patient people too, because I only  make art mail when I feel like it, haha.

Here are the most recent cards I sent out:

As you can see I went with orange and red backgrounds this time. The imagery is usually a mix of my own photographs, magazine images and some collage elements that I made myself. Making these cards is a lot of fun.

I have almost forty people on my Snail Mail List now and I have decided that forty is the maximum I will take on to keep it at least a little manageable. If you're not on the list yet and would like to be you can mail or message me, but please realize there's only room for two or three more people and after that I will have to turn you down. Hope you understand. 

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day, be it with or without art mail! ;-)


  1. Kom weer eens even bij je kijken. Ik heb op het moment weinig tijd voor het lezen van blogs, maar zie in mijn mail van alles voorbij komen. Dus even een kort bezoekje. Wat een leuke kaarten, met name de laatste drie springen er voor mij echt uit. 'Spelen & Schrijven, ken je het nog', mooie quote. Ik sta echt elke weer verbaasd over jouw hoge 'productiviteit':-)

    Warme groet,

    1. Dank je wel! En ach, ik ken dat, ik heb net zo'n beetje voldoende gelegenheid om mijn eigen blog bij te houden, haha.

  2. These are beautiful! You sent me one some time ago (pink), and I just LOVE it! It sits on my window sill in my studio, right in front of me. On the front, it says, "Werk in alle stilte", and you explained that means working in silence. I'm going to make you a card, too! I have your address. I love getting your blog-the art makes my day, and inspires me. Thank you for sharing your trip pictures, too.
    Sandy Guderyon-Dublin, California

    1. Thank you Sandy. I look forward to receiving a card from you, I love getting snailmail. ;-)

  3. I have really enjoyed seeing your mail art each day. I have put it on the frig and it is seen by everyone and commented on by everyone. It is so nice to see beautify art made by you. These new mail art have fantastic colors.

  4. Toch nog even zeggen dat ik ze allemaal om ter mooist vind en en ik word er blij van !


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