Friday, July 19, 2013

Photography Friday

It's Photography Friday again! Time for another peek through the lens of my smart phone at what I encounter on a day to day basis. Enjoy!

Summer vacations are upon us and so are boats lying right on the sand at low tide.

Attention! Crossing ducks!

A beauty I regularly encounter on my walks.

A bumble bee exploring a rose. Yes, you are looking at the bumble bee's butt!

Trees revealing the Wadden Sea.

Everything is late in blooming this year, but these are pretty.

The structure of this clay/mud led to many a photograph.

A view at the dunes from the edge of the forest.

I took several of these too. The silhouettes of these trees against the sky. Sigh...

And of course there has to be at least one picture of a pond.

Preferably two.

Or three.

Research for a very ambitious project that scares me to death. Don't ask.

I so rarely show images from my job. This is beautiful century old penmanship.

Oh, and have I mentioned the pond already? ;-)

And that's all I have this time around. Ha ha ha ha (insert sarcastic laughter here) that's the biggest lie ever. There were over 200 photo's on my phone, but I figured that might be too much even for you photography lovers. ;-) Everything in a little moderation, right? Do hope you like these continuing peeks through my eyes though, because I cannot stop taking snapshots of...well...everything.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend, make it a good one!


  1. Lovely photos, Caatje! Thanks for sharing. So you get to enjoy all those wonderful old documents all the time at your job? I can see where it would be near impossible to cut up old documents for collage art and journaling, knowing that you spend your days archiving similar items at work!

    1. Most of my days I spent among new and current documents, but the old stuff is indeed part of my daily job. I both file current affairs for the town hall/mayor's office, but I also help people do historical research. It's a very varied job really.


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