Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Photography Friday on a Tuesday (and a blog break)

I so wanted to do three blogposts this week, but things are just a bit too busy around here and my head is spinning a little too wildly from it all. So....I have decided to just do my Photography Friday post today and leave it at that, because....I'm going on a blog break!

I have done this in the past years around the holidays as well and it seems to agree with me, so I might as well keep up the tradition. I have an almost two week vacation coming up starting Saturday. I say almost, because I do have to work the two days after Christmas, but I don't mind. Counting all the weekends starting Saturday I will only have to work two days out of sixteen, so it's all good! ;-)

I'm hoping for some peaceful quiet times with lots of walks and lots of reading and maybe some artsy stuff as well. Who knows. And of course I'll be taking pictures, because...well...I'm always taking pictures. Here's some from the past few weeks.

Oh, the vistas this island has to offer!

The tree branches are all empty now.

But there are still plenty of leaves left on the ground.
The first snow fell (and went away again).

The town of Harlingen on a freezing morning.

The Frisian landscape from a train. Flat and white.

I found this beautiful frozen pond between a shopping center and a parking lot.

My lazy assistant being lazy. We had our one year anniversary together just last weekend!

Instead of more snow, we've had rain, lots of rain. It's forming ponds everywhere.

It completely changes the landscape. I like it.

What can I say? This kind of thing just makes me sigh.

After nine months I finished the Moon Journal!

And I started my next journal. It's called the White Book!

I'll show you the last journal spreads from the Moon Journal after I come back (next year, now that sounds a long way away), but I will tell you I was kind of relieved that journey was over. Phew. ;-) Of course I'll also introduce you to the White Book later on, after all every ending is just the beginning of something new.

And that's all I have for you this year. I will be back the second week of January. I really enjoyed spending the last year with you all and sharing my artsy stuff with you. I feel like my blog has really come into its own and I owe you all a great deal of thanks for your support and kind comments, your questions and your inspiration, so...thank you thank you thank you! ;-)

Dear blogsy people, I wish you all a wonderful and joyful Christmas and a festive New Years Eve. I'll see you next year! Let's have a wonderful and artsy holiday season!