Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What are you up to Wednesday - part 25

This Wednesday I'm exhausted! I have pictures of my work table and the sewing room, but they have not been touched for days. Well, I was in the studio working on the third part of the art journaling tutorial on Monday night, but that was about the only hour I've had  since last Thursday and I was so tired then I actually almost fell asleep over the table. ;-) Anyway, this is how I left the table on Monday:

I am filling the spreads of the Easy Peasy Journal with different forms of writing. I so want to do a good tutorial on journal writing and I just don't have the time or energy this week. Both last weekend and coming weekend are filled with family visits on the main land and this Friday (the day to post the tutorial) I will be on the main land too for a doctor's appointment. This means I'll be away from home and studio for three days in a row and living where I live these are long days and long trips (think 5 hours long to get somewhere and 5 hours back the next day, if I'm lucky, last weekend it took me 7!). So I'm simply running out of time this week for the tutorial.

I'm not one who handles things well when I have so little time to myself, especially when I get too little sleep like has been the case the past two weeks. I think there's a hermit in me who just can't stand being around people so much without having some time to breathe or just rest. I get cranky and whiny. It's not the people (they are wonderful), it's me!

So I've decided to cut myself a little slack and instead of spending the coming two nights working like crazy to get this tutorial done before Friday, I will just give myself a little more time to finish it. This means the third part of the art journaling tutorial will be delayed for at least a few days. I hope you understand.

Now here's the other project that's kind of on hold right now. The butterfly book of questions. Here's how I left the sewing room last Wednesday (!).

I'm working on the pages by sewing a zigzag border around them. I already finished two signatures and was working on the third when the bobbin ran out of thread. So I had to fill it up again first before I could continue, and it was really late already so I decided to go to bed instead. ;-) Since then I haven't been back to it yet, which goes to show how little time I've had, haha.

Here's a close up of the page lying on top of the sewing table, so you can see what the edges of the pages will look like.

I like the effect and it's so simple to do. I swear a whole new world opened up for me when I learned you can sew paper with a sewing machine!Who knew? (Well, everybody, except you, Caatje!)

In the meantime I'm still cutting out butterflies (see the first picture) and putting them in a bowl. They will be added to the pages too. Can't wait to see how it will look when it's done. But that won't be this week, that's for sure.

For now I'm going to kick back and put my feet up and just do nothing for a while. Go to bed early for a change and catch up on sleep. I won't be blogging again until next week, so this is an early wish for a happy and creative week and weekend for all of you!


  1. I am happy to wait for the third installment, Caatje. I would rather wait a little while and have it be exactly what you want it to be! Good luck with all of your visits and errands. I love the way you keep an oasis of "neat" on your work table...impressive!

  2. The MOST IMPORTANT THING is for you to take care of yourself!!! We can and will happily wait for the tutorial. Sometimes, you just need to back off a little. It always amazes me - when I read your blog - how alike we are in so many ways. I'm that person who needs my private time and trips are hard on me. Coming, going and in between. Remember...the Point of Power is in This Moment.

  3. I love to sew paper, too. I never tried it before making a Remains of the Day journal. Is that when you started?

  4. Jammer dat de tutorial nog een week moet wachten, maar ik snap het natuurlijk wel. Het leven draait niet alleen om art journals en hé, als dit een NOG leukere tutorial oplevert, dan kan ik er niet tegen zijn hé? Fijn weekend alvast en ik kijk heel erg uit naar de tutorial volgende week :)

  5. Ik ben er zelf nog niet aan begonnen: de naaimachine gebruiken als een extra 'tool' voor art journal pages. Maar, ik denk dat als er ooit een plekje opduikt voor mijn naaimachine in mijn werkkamertje, ik het toch ook eens ga proberen!
    ...En dan ook stofjes op papier leggen en omgekeerd...


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