Monday, September 12, 2011

Journal attachment

It's strange how attached you can get to an inanimate object like a journal. My previous journal, the first ROD journal , seemed to me to be one that I would really miss using once it was full. And I did, except...I fell in love all over again with my current journal, the altered atlas.

It doesn't really seem to matter what book I use, I usually come to regard them as steady companions through a few months of my life. All my journals are like strangers to me when I meet them and are my best friends by the time I have to say goodbye.

And every time I think I will never get used to the new format and I always do. And every time I think I will never like the new one better than the former and I always do. Journals are not people, but when you journal on a daily basis like me, you get used to each and every one and can get just a bit sentimental about them too.

The cool part is of course you can keep them and visit your old friends every now and then just to keep in touch. The atlas is by no means full yet, but I am about two thirds through, so slowly but steadily I'm thinking about the time when I have to close this book literally and move on to another journal. And boy, will I miss this one!

I already know about 90% certain that my next journal will be ROD2 and I already love that journal, 'cause I had such a good time making it. But I'm also on the lookout for other books to alter, especially because the prep work is quite time consuming and my last ROD journal was filled within 6 weeks.

I have come to love making and preparing books for journaling more and more and I keep thinking of other formats to try. I wish I could journal even faster and more often than I do so I would fill tons of books in a year. In any case my journals and I have a special relationship that may be one sided but still very important to me.

I wonder if any of you have this affliction too. Do you become specifically attached to a journal and find it hard to let it go? Do you consider your journals as seperate entities or as a long line of the same work? Do you have a preference for certain books that you filled up? Is there one you hate or that just didn't feel like you?

Have you tried different formats of journaling over the years, or do you stay loyal to one type of book, or one type of journaling? Let me know and maybe you could leave a link in the comments section, so others can visit your favorite journals too!

Hope you liked these spreads from the atlas as much as I liked making them and wishing you all a very happy and artsy week!


  1. Ik voel me zo vereerd dat ik in je journal sta, en ik vind de spreads prachig. Helemaal super :-)
    Je staat bij mij ook in mijn journal, maar die pagina's zijn niet zo mooi. In dagboekstijl, teksten met foto's erbij.
    Ik heb zo genoten van onze kunst-uitwisseling, hartstikke leuk!!!

  2. I love the spreads that you've made and the love and importance you've attached to them. I have only just begun to 'art journal' so I can't tell you anything, but I do know I become attached to almost anything I make!!!

  3. Great pages in this post! I like how you compare a journal to a friend, and how it really becomes a relationship for you. I don't have too many different journals, yet, but each one has been quite different from the others (in terms of size, type of paper, that sort of thing). I haven't felt quite the attachment you express, but then I haven't been as faithful as I would like to be in filling them day to day!

  4. Love them - my fav's this time around are the 2 with yellow in the backgrounds :-)

  5. i am on my 2nd journal and i have to concur that i was apprehensive about starting the 2nd..i thought i would not like it as much since it was larger and different paper. i LOVE my 2nd journal as much if not more than the 1st. i am over 2 thirds done so i too am thinking of a new journal.
    Is the atlas you use sewn or glued binding ?

  6. Jij hebt dus ook oude 'happinez-sen' in huis... ik herken hetzelfde plaatje als wat ik 'over and over' gebruik (op je tweede spread) - ik scande die foto omdat ik 'm zo mooi vond! Bij het zien van je pagina's en lezen van je post heb ik het gevoel dat wij heel veel gemeen hebben...

  7. Oh wait, you asked for links... I will give my bloglink where you can find all my work in galleries in the top menu... my 'very special close to my heart' journal is the first one I made in 2009. The 'Leonard Cohen art journal' (under 'handmade books/art journals) You see the 'yoga lady' pop up on one of those pages for the first time.

    I also have a soft spot for my ongoing 'Chronicles' (one journal finished and one for 2011 still in progress)

    My blogaddress is

  8. Mooie foto's!! Je bent hier echt zoooo goed in!

    Ik bekeek de link naar die volgende journal, maar heb ik het nu goed voor dat je dus eerst je journal mét achtergronden en soms al plaatjes klaarmaakt, en dan pas de pagina's gaat volschrijven? Of is dat alleen zo bij de rod journals en maak je in de andere journals je pagina's geleidelijk aan? Was hier even benieuwd naar :).

  9. Thank you all for your comments. I always love the feedback I get on my posts, makes me happy ;-) Nice to know some of you get attached to your books too ;-)

    @Snarky: I never use glued bindings. They are the worst and will fall apart sooner or later, especially if you use your journal a lot. Sewn binding is the way to go, or otherwise a spiralbinding (not my favorite, but some people really seem to like them). Of course there are many different kinds of sewn binding. I'm no expert, but a book like Real Life Journals by Gwen Diehn will tell you all about them.

    @Marit, ja Happinez en Flow zijn favoriet bij mij. En zo nu en dan een buitenlandse Vogue voor de aparte modefoto's en natuurlijk National Geographic. Met die vier kom je een heel eind, haha.

    @Siel, dank voor je compliment. Wat voorbereiding betreft varieert het per journal. Het ROD is van tevoren helemaal zelf in elkaar gezet met extra's erbij voor de leuk, maar ik zal zeker nog meer toe gaan voegen als ik het gebruik. De atlas is van tevoren gegessood (?) en van een kleurtje voorzien. De rest doe ik gaandeweg, waarbij ik soms inderdaad op een avond al een paar spreads van decoratie voorzie en dan later pas schrijf, maar da's niet altijd zo. Maar ik heb ook boeken gehad waar ik van tevoren niks deed en alles gaandeweg gebeurde en da's ook helemaal goed gekomen. Het hangt dus een beetje van het boek en de stemming af.

  10. Your journal pages are so inspirational. It's a real treat to visit here! And I love your atatement, "All my journals are like strangers to me when I meet them and are my best friends by the time I have to say goodbye." I want to remember that because that is exactly how it is for me too :-)

  11. En zo worden art journals uiteindelijk toch ook weer kunstboeken... Ik houd ook wel van atlassen - al die landen en die oude kaarten. Hoe ouder, hoe leuker!

    En ja, Flow is ideaal om te verknippen!


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