Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 13

It's wednesday again and I'm up to all sorts of stuff, so let me show you my worktable first:

Yesterday I started working on a little collage sheet that is handdrawn with a pitt pen and colored in with inktense pencils, which are then wetted. The colors are really bright, which I love, but maybe a little too dark for my taste in the project I'm making this for, but my choice is limited since I only have a small set. But still, it's starting to look quite colorful. My intention is to copy this sheet onto sticker paper when it's done and then cut out the elements to use in the handmade journal that I am constructing, of which I will show you more further on in this post.

On the left of the picture you can also see a load of tubes of acrylic paint. I have started working on prepping the altered atlas again and have switched from gouache to acrylics for a while, because the effects of the colors are a little bolder and because it gives a waterproof surface. The atlas rests on my other studio table for now, see?

The effect of the paint when using this 'technique' (it's a silly trick really) is almost like creating a moon landscape with craters in it. I like it a lot like that. I use watered down acrylics, so the pages won't stick to each other.
On the right of the atlas lies the Drawing Lab book on top of a book with nude models in it for figure drawing, because that is the subject of the labs right now. I have no access to a live figure drawing place.

And here's a view of my sewing room table/cabinet thingy. This is what I've been working on for the past few days: my fully handmade journal/book. I put five signatures together with my sewing machine and used the elements/tags/labels/border sheets that I showed in previous posts to embellish them. I still think they need a little more and that's why I'm making the stickers that are now a work in progress on my work table.

I still have no idea how I want the cover of this little book to look. I have some fabrics that I really like, but I've also been thinking about just painting white cotton and making my own decorated fabric. Not sure yet. I'll tackle that problem when the signatures are fully done.

Just to show you what has gone into this book I'll show you a view of my work table of last weekend. I spread out all the elements that were to go into it, just because I thought it looked so cool ;-)

I just love all those bright colors! I'm also proud that every little bit was made by me, myself and I. A lot of work is going into this thing and I don't even know if I will ever really use it as a journal or not. I just get a kick out of putting it together. It's also a learning experience for me, since I've never done anything like this before.  I've made some books and booklets from ready made paper, but never from my own decorated paper.
Hope your wednesday is full of artsy stuff too!


  1. Terecht trots op wat je allemaal zelf hebt gemaakt! Ik vind het zo lekker kleurig en uitnodigend. Heel mooi!

  2. Your work is just lovely. Thank you for sharing all these pretty photos of it. Inspiring!

  3. Wow! You have a lot to share. I love the stickers you are making, and your handmade journal is coming along so beautifully. It's awesome to hear how much fun you are having while doing it. It's so inspiringly colorful!

  4. love your colors! Have you tried regular Derwent wc pencils? They are my go to when inktense is too dark.


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