Monday, June 6, 2011

The last of the May Drawings

Whew! Four days of some good old fashioned rest does wonders for a person's body and mind! I feel so much better. I have not been up to much art yet. I did a little journaling and I looked through my new artsy books and read 'The war of art', which I did not like very much, but it did make me think a lot about what I do like. I will get to that when I do a review of this book some time in the future.

For today I think it's time I showed you the last of my studio warm up project for the month of May, which was doing drawings from the Every Day Matters list. Let's see what we've got!

The first two drawings were done on the same day. The EDM challenge was to draw a tree. Instead of drawing a tree from life, I just made up some landscapes, one with trees and one with flowers.

No EDM, just some silly flowers ;-)
As you know I love my barren trees, so I just had to turn this challenge into one of my dorrebomen! It could not be helped. The background in both drawings is done in gouache. I did this first and then just drew over it with a pitt pen.
EDM#15 - Draw a tree
The next one was supposed to be of something vintage, but I decided to go for something that just looked like it was vintage when in fact it was made very recently. It was originally a box full of chocolates that a coworker got for christmas. I liked the box so much that I asked if I could have it after he finished the chocolates. I could and now it sits on a shelf in my studio. I keep coffee and tea in it.

EDM#21 - Draw something vintage
For the drawing I used the technique where you first outline the drawing loosely with paint and then draw over it, this makes the coloring a little off kilter, but that's actually a nice effect.

I did the same with the next drawing, which is a little joke too. The assignment was to draw a piece of clothing. Well, technically this can be considered a piece of clothing, it's a little knitted sock.

EDM#22 Draw a piece of clothing's not a sock for a  person, but to protect your mobile phone. So...this is where my phone lives all day long. I just thought it was funny to interpret the assignment this way (I was also too lazy to get a piece of clothing from my wardrobe, haha).

The next one is a simple black and white one done with a fine liner and a brush pen. It's my foot. Can you see me posing for myself with my foot on top of my work table?

EDM#23 - Draw your foot
This is actually the second try at the foot. I tried another one before this as a wax resist, but it just turned out as a big blob of color where you can hardly see the foot at all. I still have to master that technique I suppose.

The next drawing is of a piece of fruit. An apple. My favorite apples are royal gala. I put the little sticker that was on the original apple on the drawing as well. This is also gouache and drawing pen, but in this case I did draw first and colored it in later.

EDM#24 - Draw a piece of fruit
The last drawing for my May project just happened to be the challenge to draw whatever you wanted. Well, you don't have to tell me twice. Doing whatever I want is my specialty ;-) So I drew my stapler. I must have this thing forever. I really like how this drawing turned out and I love the lay out of this page as well.

EDM#26 - Draw anything you like
The above drawing was done on May 26 and that was also the last time I had some real studio time. I have had time since then, but I just have been feeling a bigger need to take it easy for a few days. I have done some simple drawings for fun in my sketchbook while sitting on the couch, but my studio has been unused for about ten days now.

I have not made up my mind yet about a new warm up project for the month of June, but I'd better get to deciding on something very soon, because I will be heading to my studio tonight! I have several ideas rolling around in my head, I will have to see which speaks to me most when I sit at my work table. I'll let you know as soon as I know ;-)