Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 11

My last post was a what are you up to post as well. Yes, it's been a week already since I posted anything. The reason is that it's simply been a crazy and somewhat horrible week, where art was pretty much non existent.

All sorts of things were going on. I had several doctor's appointments (all is well, but there's always the stress of testing and probing) and when you have to see a specialist around here you have to leave the island, which pretty much means you're away for an entire day, which is exhausting if you have to do it three times within six days.

I was also confronted with a migraine attack over the weekend, which left me nauseated and dizzy and no good for anything. I must say that with age it gets a little easier (it used to be much worse), but it's still no fun.

And also two people I care about were going through the horror of loosing their baby, which has not been a mood enhancer either. I was away for that for two days as well (just got back yesterday). Art got moved to the back burner, which I suppose is to be expected. Although it has a high priority with me, some things will always come before it and frankly, there was just no room in my head for anything creative.

I have been drawing a little last week and will show you those in my next post. For now I'll just tease you with a nice little view of what the mailman brought today. I was kind of relieved this arrived, because I had no idea what to show you, since there's no progress on any project whatsoever.

Yup, it's a bunch of artsy books! Thank you amazon for your fast international delivery. ;-) And would you believe it: these arrived in their own postal bag as well! Just like the last shipment that I showed in one of my previous wednesday posts! I have no idea why I am being selected as the local  US postal bag receiver, but I do feel pleased with it! I'm thinking of using the previous one to cover the altered atlas I'm working on.

In time all the books above will make it to this blog for a review. I have about two or three lined up for future posts already, but I still need to write them in english, so be patient.

That's it for today. I just came home from work and now have four days off to look forward to and frankly, I am in need of some serious R&R after all the goings on of the past week, so I have no idea if I will be doing much studio work. I guess, you'll find out soon enough though if you keep up with this blog. ;-)

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!


  1. Nou Caatje, zo te lezen heb je wat voor je kiezen gehad. :( Gelukkig heeft de post voor wat afleiding gezorgd! Ik heb er 2 van de 4 en wel die van Lisa Engelbrecht (mwah...) en die van Alisa Golden (leuk). Ik heb er trouwens meer van Golden - over boekbinden. Die zijn ook zeer de moeite waard. groetjes en beterschap, Annie

  2. en jij ook een mooie, creatieve en vooral een gezonde week!

  3. Look forward to reading your reviews - love the calligraphy book already, but keep wondering about whether I need to purchase the Nature inspired Huskamp.

  4. I'm so sorry that it's been a tough week for you. I hope you have gotten any needed answers from your doctors, and it is so good that you have been there for your friends. What a treat to receive all those fun books...sounds like you need to just curl up in a cozy chair and spend some quality time looking through them and dreaming arty dreams! Take care.

  5. Hoop dat je van je vrije dagen geniet, dat heb je wel nodig zo te horen. Fijn dat je die boeken gaat recenseren. Die van Alisa Golden heb ik ook! Moet er weer eens in kijken. Ben benieuwd naar je mening.


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