Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Last weekend, on saturday the 22nd, was a worldwide sketchcrawl day. For those of you who don't know what this is check out sketchcrawl.com. On this day people gather to draw together. My friend Monk and her friend Loes were brave enough to organize a Dutch version of this phenomenon and they did it in the city of Gouda. They put in a lot of effort and with no budget whatsoever got a lot of people involved and made it into a great succes.

It was an absolutely wonderful day! I spent the day with three people I had never met before and we just sketched, sketched and sketched some more. One of them even invited the rest of us at her beautiful home in Gouda. It was such fun and such a wonderful atmosphere, I will hold it dear for a long time to come.

Dozens of people participated and it was great to walk the city and encounter people sketching all over the place. It was also a great day to ask other people about their journals and sketchbooks without feeling like an intruder. It was lovely to see how different people draw differently. Some are so meticulous and others like fast gesturelike drawings. But each was so talented in their own way.

So here are some of my pages. I'm not showing you all of them, because some have personal information on them from other participants and I don't want to invade their privacy too much. All were done in my heart journal.

I started out simple with some very small drawings in between some pasted in business cards. The stamps on the top right and bottom left were made by my friend Monk from erasers. Are they cool or what?

Then I started sketching people who came to the meeting point at the Agnietenkapel. It's hard to sketch people who are moving so much. I'm a slow sketcher, so I need more time then they give me ;-)

Then four of us went outside to walk the city and start sketching the beautiful buildings. This is the top of the library of Gouda. Again I did not have enough time to finish it properly. I guess buildings are hard too ;-)

It was quite cold outside so we were very grateful to be invited into the house of one of us. This is the view from the window of her house.

Sketching and walking around makes you hungry so we had lunch at the museum. On the table there were these pretty flowers and a little blackboard in the form of a teapot. It's the only sketch I colored in afterwards (with watercolor).

After we warmed up it was back into the cold where we sat in the museum's garden to draw the pretty things around there. I drew a plaque that was affixed to the gate of the museum. There were two very grumpy old ladies on it.

Fortunately there were also some beautiful young ladies to draw in the form of classical statues. As I state in the text I wrote to the side: it's way easier to draw a statue than a living person. Statues know how to keep perfectly still!

For those of you who are interested in seeing more pictures from the sketchcrawl  in Gouda and also photographs, there is a flickr group and a blog devoted to it. Go check them out!


  1. Wow! I'm amazed you got so much done, and this isn't even all of them?! When I participated, I ended up talking so much that I only got a few sketches done! Wonderful pages and I'm glad you had so much fun!

  2. Raena, I have to smile at your comment, because in my group there was a man who sketched so fast that he filled up dozens and dozens of pages in no time at all. He made me feel like the slowest sketcher in the world. Your comment puts things in perspective ;-) Thanks.

  3. I do believe I would spend the time getting photographs of the areas and the people...just Maybe I'd do a sketch or two back in the old studio...you did so many and probably gained in your skills by going...cheers to you !

  4. By the amount of sketches you did I would say you had a wonderful time. Wll done.

  5. Wow! You got so many sketches done AND had fun in the process. Great work.

  6. Congratulations on the numbetr and quality of your sketches ; You did have a wonderful time !!

  7. I bet Gouda has so much to offer to sketch. Does the group move on or do you do a sketchcrawl at your own pace, more or less? However it is done you certainly did very well.

    It suddenly struck me that you don't do a pubcrawl by yourself either.

  8. Thanks for all your wonderful comments!
    @Elza: There were a total of about a 100 participants. Some stayed the entire day, some just stayed for a short while. Everybody was free to come and go as they pleased. I got there early and met three people with whom I pretty much hung out all day. We waited for each other to finish and then moved on to the next spot. There were no rules, it just kind of happened naturally.

  9. Now that was a sketchcrawl! Great work, I really like the first one with the business cards and stamps. Nice stamps-very cool.

  10. thanks for sharing your day and your drawings. It sounds like it was very ispirational for everyone. and you met lots of lovely sketcvhers too. I think your drawings of people are great. I find that people are so difficult to draw , especially their faces.


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