Friday, January 14, 2011

Little houses

During my vacation I kept a  small journal seperate from my regular ones. It is a moleskine watercolor book. I called it the midwinter journal, because was the midst of winter (yes, how do I come up with these things?).

In my next couple of posts I want to show you some pages from this journal, so you can see some of what I've been up two in my time of absence. ;-)

I will start with my favorite ones which are all drawings of little houses on a wavy line.

I'm not sure what posessed me to make these drawings. I just felt like them and they were such fun to do! 

I used watercolor for the top and bottom half of the pictures and I colored all the details in with felt tip pens. I hardly ever use my felt tip pens, I felt like a kid with a coloring book!

I definitely want to make more of these. Maybe I can even make some on a larger scale or somehow turn them into mixed media pieces. That should make for some cheerful art!