Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More from the midwinter journal

Here are some more spreads from the midwinter journal. I only recently finished it, because I still had some pages left over after my vacation. I'm always way too optimistic when it comes to filling journals, but still, this one only took about three weeks to fill. All in all not bad.

The first two spreads are a report with pictures of a really beautiful walk along the beach that I took on christmas day. It was one of those perfect winter days when the sun is shining and it's crispy cold and not nasty cold ;-)

On the left side of the right page of the next spread is the only drawing I did in this journal that actually represents something real, instead of being made up (like the houses in te previous post). It was done after a photograph I took on the walk I mentioned above. I pasted a part of that photograph in the top left corner. The righ side is just a little mix of stuff I had lying around.

The left of the next spread is a photograph I took by mistake. I was holding the camera and accidentally clicked. When I got home I saw I had captured a seagull in flight. It's very small so I don't know if you can see it, but it made me smile, because often I try to capture seagulls in flight and I always miss them and now one just happened to fly by.
The letter drawing on the right was just a little fun I had and yes, I know there is a HUGE spelling mistake in the text so don't contact me about my lack in the spelling department. It's the thought that counts (ahem).

I spent christmas and new years eve on my own so I had all the time in the world to draw during the change of years at midnight. I thought this next little spread was quite appropriate for that moment in time ;-)

Now that I look at it, it seems I have done a lot of experimenting in lettering in this journal. Here's another example. I was going through the Art Journaling magazines that Stampington publishes (love it by the way) and saw how some people made lines like this in their journal and colored them in. I love the effect, but, as I stated in the text on these pages, it is not a practical way of writing for someone who likes to write as much as I do. When I write I don't want to think about my lettering or how it looks. I just want to write. However, this kind of approach might work really well for a quote or something like that, and then you could also illustrate it a little more.

That's all for now folks!