Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Search

Every two years the small local museum does an art exhibit of local artists. Two years ago I participated for the first time and just recently the current exhibit opened. Last time each artist could enter two pieces and I had already decided on framing two of my works on acrylic paper. But then I got word that you could only enter one piece and that somehow would not work for what I had in mind. So I decided to put up another piece entirely.

(sorry, the photograph's not very good)

I made this mixed media painting last march when I did not have a blog yet, so you haven't seen it up here yet either. It was originally made for the local church during lent season. The reverend wanted to use works of local artists in his services and I was asked to contribute. I am not a member of the church, but I was kind of honored to be asked.

The painting is called 'The Search' and is about how we look for peace of mind and satisfaction in all the wrong places. It contains lyrics by both Alanis Morissette ("Would not come") and Jewel Kirchner ("Hands") and is full of contradictions. You can't really see it all on the photograph, but the thing has I think about ten layers, one of my favorites being the fake play money.  The painting measures 60x60 cm.

Attached to the exhibit is always a little contest where the public can vote for their favorite painting. I don't expect to win this, because the rather sad truth is that most people that visit are tourists and they expect paintings of sea scapes and beaches and other idyllic local scenery since this is an island after all.

But what I did enjoy last time were the comments made in the guest book about my work. Those really made my day, especially the ones made by children! The exhibit will run until april, so I'm looking forward to see if I get any response this time as well. And maybe...just maybe...I will sell it!