Thursday, December 2, 2010

New perspective

I am currently reading Lix Lamoreux book 'Inner excavation' which is a pretty cool book about exploring the self through photography, poetry and mixed media. It is full of interesting exercises and even though I haven't really done any of them yet they do make me itch to try some elements from them already.

One of these was trying to use a new perspective when using my camera. The following three photo's were made on a beautiful and cold winter's morning last sunday. The idea is to put your camera on the ground and shoot. Because I was on the beach I just held my camera and rested my hand on the ground (don't want no sand in my new camera, thank you very much). I like how this changes the photographs you take.

The last one was not done from the ground, but from my normal perspective, but I kind of liked it, so I'm just adding it as a bonus-good-for-nothing-but-being-pretty photograph ;-)