Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Break

Well actually I'm going on a way-before-christmas-and-well-into-the-new-year-break!

It's not christmas yet, but I'm taking an early break because my house is in chaos! My bathroom is being completely redone (I've had leakage since september and they couldn't find the source, so now they are just going to redo the entire bathroom) and who knew that one small room being redone would give so much mess in the entire house? Everything is upside down! My kitchen is now my bathroom, there are grains of dust and stone everywhere, I've had to move several pieces of furniture to make room and I have no running water upstairs so painting in my studio is troublesome at best (and yes, I am using it as a stupid excuse to do nothing, sigh).

If all goes well things should be finished before christmas and then I'll be having a two week vacation (and a brand new bathroom). Yay! I want to limit my chores during those two weeks, so I am going off line on most of the mailing lists and groups (I will be checking my e-mail every now and then) and I am taking a break from this blog. I'll be back somewhere halfway january. I wish all of you a very merry christmas and an exciting and wonderful new year!


  1. Klinkt heftig!!!
    succes en straks heb je een prachtige badkamer;)

    fijne feestdagen

  2. Wishing you a magical Christmas Caatje... may it be sweet and merry... hope the bathroom renovations are now complete and you are enjoying a wonderful break... enjoy!!!

    Jenny x


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