Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trilogy on the wall

A quick post to show you the tree trilogy on the wall of my nieces house. It's strange to see your own work on somebody elses wall, but strange in a good way ;-)

She sent me several pictures of her wall, but none of them had one of her beautiful cats in it and I love the perspective this cat on the foreground gives this one. It makes the trilogy look really small and the cat really important. And we all know cats are way more important than trilogies ;-)


  1. Looks beautiful Caatje...

    Jenny x

  2. Marjanne [Straatman(at)]October 1, 2010 at 1:45 AM

    Hallo Caatje,
    Terwijl ik eigenlijk in bed moet liggen, ben ik heerlijk op jou net ontdekte site aan het surfen. Ik zie mooie dingen, ontdek handige tips en herken vanalles (ik ben ook met verf, journals, mixed media, enz, enz bezig).
    Bevalt het boek van Rolina van Vliet jou? Ik zit te twijfelen of ik deel 2 of deel 3 of beide zal aanschaffen.


  3. That looks divine!! You must be very proud to see your work there. (I would be, anyway.)

  4. Ooh it's nice to see these in their place. Lovely!


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