Thursday, September 23, 2010

Art Swap

A few years ago I was really into atc-making and trading. I made tons and tons of those little cards and pretty much traded all of them (I think I have two left now in the box where I store them). But the past year I have hardly done any trading on a regular basis. I do keep a somewhat irregular ongoing mail art swap with a friend of mine and every now and then I will spontaneously trade with someone whose work I like.

I don't really miss the atc's at all, but when the talented Samantha Kira Harding suggested a small art penpal swap on her site (see the links section) I just could not resist. Mostly because there was more free reign than with an atc swap and because I only had to make one thing. Like I've said before, I don't fair well with themes and assignments, so it seemed fun to just make something relatively small for a complete stranger.

Well, my art piece is finished and on its way to the woman who I was assigned to. So Kelley, this is coming your way:

As you can see it is done in my 'new' style. The piece measures 21x15 cm and is done on thick watercolor paper. I found it difficult to put this style on a smaller substrate than the bigger acrylic papers I've done the other ones on. It seemed like the size was constraining me, but I hope it doesn't show too much in the final piece. As we speak, the piece is traveling to the USA and I hope it arrives safely. Can't wait to see what's coming my way. These are truly the cooler things about the internet, these connections we make through art with strangers who share our passion. Wonderful!