Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back after two weeks

Sometimes it is unbelievable how fast the time can go. It has been two weeks since my last post and most of that time was NOT spent making art. Life has a tendency to take over every now and then and it seems that the last month has been all about unexpected events and being busy. A lot of stuff went on in my house, all sorts of things broke down (my washing machine, my computer connection to the internet, the entire electricity in my house because of the washing machine short circuiting etc.), I had leakage from my shower room into my kitchen, and just now I discovered that I have no hot water today so new things may be on their way, aargh! It seems these things always come in waves. I have had more repair men over my house in the past weeks than I care to have in an entire lifetime, thank you very much ;-)

Other things that kept me busy were social events with friends and family, a local arts and music festival, and the fact that a big delivery came from IKEA, and you know what happens when things come from IKEA, right? You have to put the furniture together! This usually is accompanied by curses and blisters, but I stilll managed to do it all myself. One thing I just have to show you is my brand new book case for my studio. The books were piling up on the floor so I really needed one and I decided on a bright blue one that's about two metres high. And I am so happy with it that I'm going to show it to you, haha.

Yes, it's tucked away in the corner a little, I had no other place to put it, but I can reach all the shelves just fine. And do you know what I like best about it? All those empty spaces it still has! This means I can buy tons of books before it fills up again. By the way, in my studio only art related books are 'allowed' and I am growing a wonderful collection.

Of course as with all my enterprises one detail went completely wrong. The bottom piece of wood I somehow managed to apply backwards to the rest of the book case. This meant that at the bottom there was now this really ugly piece of brown wood. I did not see this until I was finished and in order to change it I would have to redo the entire case and I just did not have the energy. So being the creative gal I am I found a quick and easy solution to this and simply applied some pretty matching scrapbooking paper with gel medium. You can see it a little better in this one, just look at the bottom of the picture.

So within a minute I had a unique book case! ;-) I'm quite proud of my quickie solution!

Anyway, with all the busy times and set backs (like my cat dying) there was hardly any art making in the past weeks, except for finishing my trilogy on september 8. But I started again last monday and am trying to get back in my artsy routine, so I will probably show you some new things soon.

Other important news is that I delivered my trilogy to my niece and she loved it! Yay! I am now waiting for her to hang them on her wall and send me a picture of it which I will of course post here, cause I'm so proud and happy that she really liked it. I want to thank all of you for giving so many wonderful comments on the trilogy, that really made my day(s).