Friday, January 4, 2019

A nice staycation

Well hello my blogsy people!

First of all let me wish you a:

I had a twelve day staycation which was lovely and now I am back to work and back on the blog.

I hope you had a good holiday season and that you are ready to get into 2019. May it bring you everything you wanted and just a little extra as a pleasant surprise. ;-)

For me it was good to just be home for a while. I hadn't been just at home (without plans, trips or engagements) for this long in about a year and it seems I really needed it. I didn't do anything very exciting, I didn't go anywhere (except on the weekend before Christmas) and I didn't have any big parties (or whatever it is really socially inclined people do during the holidays). It was mostly just me and my cat.

I did however have a wonderfully quiet week and a half where I got enough sleep, enough books, enough drawing time, enough cat on my lap and enough fresh air. All the good stuff.

Here's a little impression of my staycation:

Wadden Sea at low tide. 

Our main street in christmas decorations.

Sail boats in the town of Harlingen on the main land.

Visited an urban sketchers event in Groningen at the invitation of a friend. 

Another view of our main street. 

The exit/entrance of our marina on a beautiful day.

Took many walks of course.

Around sunset on the day before Christmas.

A long beach walk on christmas day. In the distance you can see our ferry.

Lots of drawing was done.

Another beach walk.

Leaving our only town to explore the great outdoors. 

Had lots of time to do some journal decoration.

Happy New Journal Year! 

Seals on the beach. (I took more picatures which will hopefully be a seperate post.)

So now we are faced with a whole new empty year. I look forward to seeing what it will bring and hope we all will have a wonderful and artsy time!