Monday, December 18, 2017

Morning Mosaics

Still going strong with my morning art. Every morning, well almost every morning, I take half an hour to do some art. My current project is time consuming and slow, but very satisfying: watercolour mosaics.

Here are four more mosaics that I finished in the last weeks:

All these took eight or nine half hour morning sessions to finish, so this is over a months worth of work. I still have about 25 pages to go in  this sketchbook, so I will be working on it for at least most of 2018.

If at some point I get tired of these mosaics I may switch to something else, but for now the plan is to finish the sketchbook before I do that. The slow process is very zen indeed and a nice calm start of my day. ;-)

It's also a wonderful way to experiment with patterns and the colours in my paint box. And yes, I am using the good expensive top quality paint. No point in not using the good stuff!

Hope you are using the best you have and not letting it go to waste and wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!