Monday, September 25, 2017

Around here lately ...

Just some photographs out of my daily life of the last few months.

Drawing classic movie stars. Julie London.

Reading Robin Hobb's latest. Sigh...I cried. A lot.

Keeping the company of a good dog while drawing.

Keeping the company of a good cat while drawing.

Experimenting with doodles.

Grids on the ferry, the beginning.

Grids on the ferry, the conclusion.

The very first session of my new morning project, watercolour mosaics, at my studio table.

The bliss of receiving an order of  a notebook and pens in the mail.

A feather on the beach.

A thing that looks like a feather on the beach.

I am feather obsessed apparently.

My regular house guest, he really thinks he lives here.

Festival time! Into The Great Wide Open is held every September on our island.

I had a wonderful time (and a free ticket!).

Street humor.

A fascinating tattoo magazine, all about handwritten fonts.

Visiting the Groninger Museum

What does it say about me that in a building full of beautiful art I am mostly drawn to this wallpaper pattern?

Always the journal, always always always.

In busy times like I have been going through lately it's things like these that make me realize there is so much more to my life than work and obligations and that I am indeed very fortunate. Photography helps me see the things I am grateful for and puts all of it in perspective. I like that.

Hope you are doing well wherever you are and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day!