Thursday, January 12, 2017

The last walk of 2016 (and a blog break)

My last walk of 2016 was done on December 30. I'm afraid of fireworks, so the last day of the year I mostly stayed inside. I did however decide to make that last walk count and I took the bus to the west side of the island and went on a long hike in the widest landscape you can imagine. And of course I took pictures. And of course I'm sharing these pictures here for you enjoyment.

While walking there I was overcome with the sheer joy of having the privilege to live on this amazing island. There is just so much beauty right on my doorstep that it sometimes overwhelms me. I hope these pictures transfer a bit of that feeling of the endless space that surrounds us here and how wonderful it can be to stare forever into the horizon.

Now even though I live on a beautiful island, it is not the only island the Dutch Wadden Sea has to offer and it has become a bit of a personal tradition for me to visit one of the neighbouring islands in the midst of winter. This year I will revisit the smallest island, Schiermonnikoog, for a week and that week starts tomorrow. In other words: I'm going on a little vacation! Yay!
Because of this I will be having a blog break again. I know I just had one during the holidays, but rest assured that when I come back I will have plenty of beautiful pictures to show you, so there's something to look forward to for us all. :-)

Until then I wish you a wonderful and artsy time!