Sunday, May 8, 2016

Grid drawings

I recently showed you some pattern variations I did with the help of dotted grid paper.  You can see those here. Those have sort of started a bit of a grid craze. I have been drawing my own grids to draw patterns from in several sketchbooks, I have been watercolouring them and yes I have been doing more drawings with the help of that same dotted grid paper.

I'll show you some of the latter today and the rest will certaintly show up on the blog in due time.

The way I do these drawings is to simply use the dots (or drawin grid) as a guide to make lines and shapes. I work from the top and bottom towards the center of the page so a symmetrical drawing starts to appear. Hey, you all knew I was a control freak right? ;-)

After that I colour them in with felt tip pens, in this case the stabilo 68 pens in the first and tombow dual brush pens in the other two, but I use whatever I have on hand where I'm working.

Here are three drawings I did while relaxing on the couch. I'll show you both the initial drawing and the coloured in version, so you can see how colour can change a drawing. You can also see (if you look carefully) how I have made some small mistakes here and there. I may be a control freak but I never said I was perfect. ;-)

Like most pattern drawings these things take forever to finish, so sometimes I will draw one one day and then colour it in the next day. All my pattern work is an exercise in patience. But also a meditation of sorts, so I'm not complaining. It's a good way to focus.

Hope you are doing something wonderful wherever you are and wish you a wonderful and artsy day.