Monday, April 11, 2016

It's my birthday and you know what that means! Giveaway time!

Hello my wonderful blogsy people!

Today I celebrate my 46th birthday (yes yay!) and it has become a personal tradition to do a giveaway on my blog on my birthday, so pay attention and you might win something (yay again!).

I have been wondering about what I should give away this year and I decided to simply go with something I have fallen in love with, namely adult colouring books!

I have bought quite a few colouring books over the last year or two and here's the weird thing I have to confess: I don't really colour in them! You see,  I buy them mostly because I am infatuated with all the beautiful line drawings and patterns in them. So to me they are more like art books than workbooks. When it comes to the actual colouring in, I always prefer to colour in my own drawings, so for me colouring books are mostly just a source of inspiration. But far be it from me to prevent anyone else from colouring their hearts out, I certainly see the appeal.

One of my favorite artists for making colouring pages is Johanna Basford and I know I don't stand alone in this, because her books are super popular. I have all her three colouring books and for this giveaway I have decided to give one of her books away. No, not my copy (nobody is touching that!), but a brand new one.

I have decided on this one:

It's I think her third colouring book and it's absolutely stunning!

Here are some pages from the inside:

Isn't it gorgeous?
If you would like to win this book all you have to do is comment. That's all. No strings attached.

The winner will be drawn a week from now on Monday the 18th of April. Please be sure to check back whether you have won. I will then give instructions on how to get your prize. Please do keep in mind that if you don't check back I will (after a reasonable amount of time of course) pick another winner.

Well, I hope I will make somebody very happy with this giveaway and I wish you all a wonderful and artsy and colourful day! Oh and...Happy Birthday to me! ;-)

Update: comments for this post have been closed as a winner has been picked.