Monday, December 15, 2014

Colour doodles from the Doodle Book

I really enjoy playing in my Doodle Book, but sometimes I wonder if there's a bit of an artsy masochist hidden within me. That happens especially when I do things like this:

This is a 10x10 inch  (25x25 cm) fully doodled and coloured in page! If you've never done anything like this you may not think much of it, but let me tell you: this kind of stuff is a test on a person's patience! The drawing of the little bits and pieces in ballpoint pen already took ages, but then colouring it all in with felt tips was really exhausting. Somewhere halfway I was like "why do I do this to myself?". ;-)

But here's the kicker: the minute it's done I want to start another one! See what I mean about being an artsy masochist?

When I showed this page in the Everyday Matters Facebook Group some guy commented  (and I could hear his pleasant sarcasm through his written words): "you made good use of the entire page". Haha, that's right, I really did. I replied that no one will ever take me for a minimalist! ;-)

Here are some detail shots:

Most of this page was done in not so great artificial lighting so my colouring is far from perfect. Also I noticed that the paper in this book makes the felt tip pens bleed into each other a little here and there. I may switch to coloured pencils next time. We'll see.

Still, I'm very pleased with it, which is of course why I keep doing these. My muse likes to torture me!

Have a wonderful and artsy day, all!