Tuesday, August 5, 2014

From the Book of Luck

My current notebook journal, the Book of Luck,  is in full use. I am loving it to bits. Here are some spreads to show you that a journal need not have any rhyme or reason. It can just be whatever you want and even be something different in every spread or page you fill.

You can draw, you can write, you can do pretty collages or just paste in random stuff, you can write on the lines or ignore them, you can go sideways or upside down, you can put in your photographs or photographs of others you find pretty, you can stick in everyday ephemera and litte keepsakes from special trips, you can attach things that flip open or attach things with paperclicps, you can test new art supplies or finally again use old ones, you can do portraits after mail order catalogues or just the ones that are in your head, you can stick in information leaflets and articles from websites or even steal a poem.

It's a journal, it's a free zone and anything goes. Don't you just love that?