Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Drawing on gouache

A while back I bought some cheap gouache paints by Reeves. I didn't have big expectations of them, but last weekend I figured it was about time I gave them a try.
As always when trying out new materials I just filled pages with colour. I was pleasantly surprised. The paint is wonderfully opaque and has lovely bright colours. And I also find it rewets pretty well after drying, which makes it easier to set up a palette for a longer time.
So now I had all these coloured backgrounds what would I do with them? I decided to grab a white paintmarker and a black brush pen and just draw.
The flowers came from my imagination as did the dashed lines, but the girls and the clothes were done after my ever trusted resource: a mail order catalogue!
I really like the effect of the black drawings over the white dashes. What do you think?