Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It's that time of year again when young seals are born and it's that time of year again when they are not strong enough to withstand a harsh swim in wintery or stormy weather, but sometimes they get caught in the high tide. So from time to time it happens that they (and with them their moms) are stranded on the island until they become strong enough to swim back to the plate they come from.

Sometimes, when we are very lucky they stay on the beach with us for a while and it just so happens that this is going on right now. So, here for your viewing pleasure, some cutesie seals and especially some cutesie seal babies.

These were taken from a  respectable distance by the way (thank God for my zoom camera), because getting too close to baby seals and their adult protectors is not a smart thing to do. Not for them (it causes stress and fear and may separate them from each other) and not for you (it causes agression and seal teeth are no laughing matter!).

Anyway, I hope they stick around for a while so hopefully I can take some pics again this winter. I also would love to come back and bring my binoculars and just study them for a while.  Those babies really are cute as a button! ;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful and cutesy week.