Monday, August 19, 2013

Finishing up the watercolour sketchbook

When I went to London I used an A5 size watercolour sketchbook for my journal. This sketchbook was actually intended to be my ordinary carry along sketchbook (the one I keep in my backpack at all times), but all of a sudden it had this new role to play. I loved working in it in the big city, but after I got back it was not full yet and I like my books to be all filled up.

I've already shown you some sketches and some watercolour nonsense I did in it after I got back. Now I'm pleased to announce the book is all filled up and I want to show you the last pictures of this sketchbook.

Imaginary girl,done in about four colours.

After a mail order catalogue cover.

A leaf I found ages ago.

A house in our towns main street.

Another imaginary girl.

Two feathers I found on one of my walks.

Saw several of these butterflies, had to look them up in my butterfly book to draw them.

Impression of a walk somewhere half way on the island.

Buffy after a dvd package of season 7.

My feet on the terrace of my office garden.

As with the previous pictures in this book some were drawn from life, some from my own images and some from other peoples images. For sketching practice with  me everything is free game! ;-)

The next carry along sketchbook has already been started. As soon as I have some more pages filled in that one I will of course let you in on them.

Hope you enjoyed this peek in my sketchbook and hope you are filling up some of your own. I try to keep in mind that it's more important to have a page filled, even if it's sometimes not to my liking, than to leave it empty, so I just keep working at it. Hope you do the same!

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy week.