Monday, July 25, 2011


Well, here it is, my second Remains of the Day Journal, aptly named ROD2 (and yes, I still think it sounds like a robot from Star Wars). I had great fun making this one, just like I did the first one, the only difference being that this time I sort of knew what I was doing, since I had done it all before. ;-)

You've seen some fragments of the journal, but now you get to see it in its completed state. Yay!

Here's the journal seen from the front with the wrap closed. I used two ribbons for the wrap that I sewed together, so one side is blue and the other is pink. I like that double sided effect. I think however that next time I will not sew the ribbon on top of the cover, but will integrate it into the cover, so it doesn't cover it up.

I used three different fabrics for the cover and decorated it with ribbon that had the text 'With Love' on it. There's a little love in all my journals I suppose. ;-)

Standing up and opened you can see how richly ROD2 is filled with pages and pages of goodness.

The journal holds a total of three signatures and has 72 pages. (That is counting both sides.)  My first ROD had only two signatures and about 60 pages. I think I like this better, because the signatures were less thick and there's still more pages in total. A good compromise (if a compromise at all).

The inside cover is decorated as well. The front inside cover has a fabric pocket in it for storing loose items that may or may not go into the journal later.

The back inside cover has no such pocket, but in hindsight I wonder why not? I think I will put a back pocket on my next ROD too. For now this one just has a cute little heart to spice it up. 

As with my first ROD journal the pages are not made from scraps of everyday papers or magazines or whatever, so literally speaking this is NOT a remains of the day journal. This is more of a pretty paper addict journal. Cause that's what I am, totally addicted to beautiful papers (and fabrics and ribbons).
So I used scrapbook papers and all sorts of die cuts and other elements that were store bought. I love these things so much I just have to use them for my journals and it does make for some very nice spreads!
Here are some examples:

Now as you may or may not see I don't pick the papers and elements based on how well they go together. I just go through  my stash and grab a bunch of pages that speak to me. The surprising part of this type or journal is that it always works out. In fact, I think perfectly coordinated pages would be just...well...too perfect. ;-) It really has to be a bit of a mismatch to work.

I'm not posting all the spreads on this blog, but I did take a picture of all of them and created a special set on flickr where you can see the whole book. You can find it here. Hope you take a look.

Also hope you liked looking at this journal that will be my next everyday journal by the time I finish the atlas, which will probably be months from now. In the meantime I will most likely make a third ROD journal, because they are just such fun to make! When ROD2 is filled I will of course show some of it's pages again.

For now I'm wishing you all a very artsy week!