Monday, June 21, 2010

Too much free time

Sometimes I wonder if it's better to be in the routine of work and everyday life than to have time off. When working in the office I can't wait to scrape together some hours to play with my art supplies and things actually get made. Now I had a whole week off and what did I do? Next to nothing! Well, art wise that is.

I did go on many many long walks across 'my' island, I got sunburned, I stared at the ocean, I enjoyed the view, I read books on my e-reader along the way, I took pictures with my phone, cause I forgot to bring my camera over and over again. I was in a wonderful vacation mood. I also spend two days with family and had a wonderful time.

But art? Oh my, hardly anything got done! I am almost ashamed to say I only did one spread in my ALMBH journal and that was it. And with no art, there was no artsy blog either. But...I guess I should at least show you the one spread that I DID make. Here it is:

The prompt was about how our actions affect others and the spread is about how the smallest things we do can have a major effect on the world around us, often without us even knowing about it. You know the cliché about how a butterfly spreading it's wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet. Hence the title "When a butterfly..."

Well, the vacation is over. I'm back to work at the office and therefore (how strange) back to work in the studio. Hope to have some new stuff to show you soon.

Finally a very thankful thank you to my subscribers. I know compared to the famous bloggers in this world it's nothing, but I feel so happy I have four followers already. Thank you again and I hope you stay with me!