Saturday, May 29, 2010

Starting an artsy blog

Well, I suppose we all must start somewhere. For what feels like forever I have wanted to start a blog about my artsy stuff. Yes artsy 'STUFF'! Far be it from me to proclaim my art endeavors are anything like Art with a capital A.

I want to start this blog for two reasons:
First of all of course to simply show what I make to the world and maybe share my art with others who have the same passion as me, as I have been doing in several yahoo groups already. I do this for myself too, since I always have this mistaken idea that I am not productive at all and by telling myself on this blog what I actually do I may once and forever rid myself of this ridiculous notion.
My second reason is the fact that I have been struggling with the 'meaning'of my art making for a while now. I don't mean the artworks in themselves (my art is what it is and that's that), but why I make art in the first place. For a long time I thought I would like to make money doing what I love best, but every time I ventured in that direction the fun would just leave me. It became a chore and I hate chores, hate them, hate them! ;-) But still: just making art for me and never sharing it with the world is not good enough either. Sigh...So maybe over here I can share a little of my struggle for meaning and still keep the pleasure alive.
So here's my intention: to write about my art and to write about art and (my) life.
For my Dutch friends and family: you may have noticed this blog is in english. If you didn't you're either totally blind or totally brilliant (I leave the choice up to you). Because most of my internet contacts are from all over the world I thought it most practical to write in English. I assume English is spoken by more people in The Netherlands than Dutch is spoken by other people. So you'll have to adjust.

I have no idea where this blog will lead me. I'll just take it as it comes.

As I am writing this I am still struggling with the lay out and things like that, so bear with me please for a while. It took me a whole two hours just to get the little gadget to work that links to my flickr, so it may take me years to figure out how to make this page look just like I want it.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this blog as it evolves and I hope I will as well!