Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Postcards from Schiermonnikoog - Part one of two

Hey there my blogsy people!

Well, that took a bit longer than I expected before I got back to the blog. Sorry about that.

The thing is that I had two vacations in a row with two weeks of work in between and I was sure that in those two weeks I would have gotten back to you, but it just didn't happen. No big reasons, just life I guess. 

Anyway, first of all, better late than never: happy new year! I hope your holidays were good and that you entered this brand new year with love and hope. We all need that with this worldwide coronavirus going on. 

The rules are relatively strict in our country right now, with all but the most essential things closed, no travel abroad unless absolutely necessary, and even a curfew, which means you cannot be outside after  9 pm. That made it a bit questionable if my second vacation would go trough, because I had planned two weeks on one of the other islands, Schiermonnikoog. 

Fortunately in the end I could go and since I am a social distancer and loner by nature, plus the islands have vast amounts of space, while I was there I was basically in close contact with no one. 

So these first posts after my little blog break are about my two week vacation to Schiermonnikoog.

I will start with two posts full of 'postcards' that I made from the many photographs I took while I was there. As usual all I did was go outside and enjoy the landscape and nature of this beautiful little island. 

I was lucky that even though the weather was very changeable (which you will see in the pictures), I could go out pretty much every day. Mostly I walked, but I also rented a bike and did a couple of bike rides. 

So without further ado: here is the first set of postcards from Schiermonnikoog!

As you can see Schiermonnikoog is stunningly beautiful. As a lover of winter I was also very happy that we had a bit of snow, even though it didn't last. 

Even more than my own island, especially in winter, Schiermonnikoog has that feeling of desolate space which I really like. The landscape is endless and to walk in it makes you feel pleasantly small and your worldly problems totally insignificant, which is a good thing in these crazy times. 

More postcards in my next post, but for now I wish you all a wonderful and artsy day!